I’ve Got Issues (WCPT)


In this episode of “Ive Got Issues,” I interview J-Street spokesperson Alan Elsner and Chicago progressive Advocate Andy Thayer. The discussions include the Mideast peace process, the lousy airlines, and current politics.

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  1. Jeff Kwasek says:

    Wayne . . I called in and attempted a comment at the end of your 7/19 program about evolution . .
    If we had had more time (and perhaps your interest) . . I would have wanted to challenge the so-called science of evolution. I’m not a creationist or inclined to give a God figure the credit for complex life, I simply challenge the science behind evolution, specifically the problem of “irreducible complexity”. . I think evolution science does a poor job attempting an explanation for the evolutional processes behind organ development. The classic example is the human eye . . which works in conjunction with the brain. Science can not adequately describe how such a biological system could have evolved. The notion of precursors comes to mind . . i.e. what were the precursor organs to a functional eye / brain system? The eye only works when ALL of it’s constituent parts are present and function along with the brain. Such complexity is not accounted for by natural selection. . . .
    Anyway, that would have been my starting point for a discussion with you. You stated if I had a week to challenge you on such a topic, I wouldn’t convince you. I respect / agree with most of your views on your program . . but that statement I found disappointing and wanting. I’m ok with science explaining life . . but evolution as a science I find faulty . . ! I challenge you to take up the mantle / mantel, however you spell that . .


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